Monday, July 20, 2009

One Wolf Howls

Author: Scotti Cohn
ISBN: 978-1-934359-92-1
Publisher: Sylvan Dell
Audience: Picture Book for children

One Wolf Howls combines counting, the months of the year, seasons, and poetry to introduce children to wolves. The rhyming text is gentle and repetitive, making this an excellent choice for reluctant readers, while still using appropriate and engaging language.

Susan Detwiler's beautiful illustrations bring the wolves and their habitat to life. Her choice of colors and contrasts create a couple of spreads that are so beautiful, I would hang them as art. I can't choose a favorite spread, but my three-year-old granddaughter loved finding the wolves in September's bright golden foliage.

Children will enjoy the rhythm and illustrations, while also learning about the majestic wolf: how they communicate, hunt, their social order, and more. The teaching activities at the end of the book are fun and appropriate. More importantly, children will learn the truth about wolves, their importance in our ecosystem, and respect for their presence.

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